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Today was another big day: I signed the membership book, I got up in front of the congregation and created a covenant with them to hold their trust as a Chalice Circle facilitator, and then after church a bunch of us 20’s & 30’s somethings met to go out for brunch. Let me tell you about this last thing…

Lessons learned:

  1. If you are brunching with a large group of people in Ann Arbor on a weekend…plan ahead. We had a group of 15 gather, and our first choice restaurant couldn’t handle us quickly. Our second choice was a sub-par chain (on a day when we got a sermon about mindful eating and local food choices!!) that wasn’t exactly vegetarian-friendly.
  2. You can’t always please everyone, and sometimes you just have to address the needs that you are more familiar with. The group that came out was primarily younger, without families, especially young children. When arranging this brunch, a couple of people of the 20s & 30s group expressed a desire for having activities that included their needs. I’m not quite sure how to include this subgroup. I’m not sure how far my responsibility extends towards this subgroup. I’m not an officially acknowledged “leader” – I’m just someone who is suggesting activities in the hopes that others are interested – but then again, do my activities to date and my role as a Chalice Circle facilitator (and thus, as a person with an official role in the church) mean that I need to acknowledge responsibility towards this group?
  3. Create a Coalition of the Enthusiastic. I’m finding that there are levels of interest, and for me to stay motivated and energized, I need to find other people who are equally committed to creating a strong and vibrant community. I have targeted a few possible people – now to see if I can corral them in to join my mission. :)


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