shaking things up

Balance is shaken again. A little shock this time, not the kind of devastation that is described in this beautiful piece on The Goddess of Never Not Broken, but the kind of unsettling that leaves you shaken for days and thoughtful for weeks, that rewrites your past and gives you a slightly different, brighter perspective on your vision of the future.

I am sad, but at the same time, that resilience within me that I thank my parents for is already seeing the sunny side of this cloud. I’d been in a slump lately (winter blues, loss in vision, whatever the cause), and this has shaken me out of it.

Things had been troubling me since last summer, things that hadn’t been worked out and that I couldn’t see a solution for, and so I moped. But the best kind of answer has been provided, and although the delivery was a bit rough and heartbreaking…I’ve got a little bit of peace and a bit more hope for my own future. Forgiveness is a beautiful gift.


I’ve got some thinking to do over the next few days. I think I might be posting a bit more frequently than I have in the past months.

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