deep breath and….GO!!

I’ve taken on a lot recently, and it’s starting to stress me out quite a bit. My job is stimulating, and I love it, but it’s challenging and keeps me working non-stop and doing research to keep up after hours. I volunteered to take over the Facebook of a local service organization, and started working on it just this week – that means planning, finding resources, doing research, figuring out what my audience wants. Again, all things I love, but also time-consuming and work-intensive. Another blog project that I’m part of got a little more complicated recently when we decided to open to guest bloggers – love the different voices, but ppl are not using systems as expected and I need to do considerable work to get things copacetic (what movie does that word remind me of?). A conference in DC this weekend for the job, and then my sister’s wedding next weekend. Finally, I’m not a social butterfly, but I have friends who expect things of me, and I’m trying to honor our bonds.

All this, and I am trying to remember to breathe deeply, to live mindfully, and to keep in mind the spiritual and moral lessons I have been learning. :-/  I need to be more strict about meditation in the mornings. Although I do have to say, taking our cat for a walk after I get home from work is quite…not relaxing, per se (you can’t actually “walk” a cat), but it reduces stress levels.  😀


Any suggestions from all you equally busy modern folks about how to maintain balance in a world gone nuts-o?

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  1. When I figure it out, I’ll let you know. :)

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