I am learning patience. I am learning compassion. I am learning to listen to that voice of reason that lives deep inside of me.

For someone so educated and intelligent, I have lived my life very impetuously, heeding my emotions and my basic needs over those higher needs. Struggling against my desire to do everything now now now, struggling against my tendency to judge quickly and for good – these are not easy things for me. So during meditation, I focus on bringing peace into me and expelling compassion into the world. So I’m offering to help others. So I’m remembering to care for that one friend who is no longer as close as she was but who still wants to be friends.

I also like beginning and ending each day with Universalist Prayers. :)

“A multitude of gifts, dependent upon one another, a multitude of hearts, like the stars, we shine; let us shine in hope, in peace, and in love.”


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