So many blessings today!

  • Woke up to an email asking me to set up an interview for a job I really want.
  • Got a voicemail & an email out of the blue from a company that I had interviewed with months ago, telling me they were very interested in me for a new position. I am committed to my current position so I said no BUT I passed on contact info of a friend who would be perfect for that position.
  • A former mentor got in touch with me today, offering support and best wishes.
  • Several ppl were quick to write really nice and wonderful things about me for LinkedIn recommendations.

It was, essentially, positive affirmation day! My job is not quite everything I wish it to be (the pay is too low, the hours not enough, no benefits, etc), but it’s the first step to what could be an amazing, fulfilling career. Funny — I never thought I’d find fulfillment in a career, but here I am, and it’s very possible!

It’s nice to have good things in life again…

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