contemplation without self-absorption

There’s a tree outside the place where I work part-time at MSU, and during lunch time, I like to sit beneath it, eat, and read or write. When I’m there, I’m calm and in control, everything makes sense, everything is so logical and clear. I wish I could be there, beneath that tree, more often.

I’ve been very selfish and self-absorbed (lately and always). After a tragedy or a hard shock, we all focus inwards for a while as we struggle to deal, and I’ve done the same. But I resolve to change this. Selfishness and self-absorption are the reason I’m in this mess – I’m not going to change by continuing this way. I’m going to take my pain and grief (which I well deserve), and when it surfaces, I will accept the reminder of what I did, and I will move onwards and focus on being a better person.

But here I come to the main question: how can one be contemplative and reflective (as all gurus and wise men around the world coach us to be) without being self-absorbed and introspective? How can one be contemplative without focusing inwards? Perhaps by focusing outwards?

By reading wise works and listening to talks that inspire contemplation; thus, influencing the thoughts & the patterns of the mind. And by volunteering and engaging in the community; thus, reconnecting with other souls in order to remember to pay reverence to them. And finally, perhaps to get back in touch with nature and thus with our natures in order to learn to revere all parts of the Universe.

Just some thoughts…

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